Review : by Monika Blichar

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to catch up with MAB Art Studio & Gallery’s very own Monika Blichar. We asked her what she thought of Kensington Art, and of the artist Leesa Kensington. Here’s what she had to say …

”If you’re looking for a piece to make a statement as your next art investment, consider a work by Kensington Art. Powerful messages are intertwined within the decadent and luxurious works forcing the inner ego to question what he or she values in life. In the work, the artist captures themes such as the past, love, strength, courage and nature by creating scenes that forces the viewer to reflect on today’s world juxtaposed with historical references to the past as seen in the Cleopatra pieces… The works are beautifully delicate yet powerfully strong.”

Monika Blichar, B.A. & B.C.C.T. UVIC Art. MAB Art Studio & Gallery

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