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Meet Leesa…

Leesa is a contemporary artist who specialises in creating unique luxury artworks.

Located near Stonehenge, England, she spends most of her time hidden in the studio.

About the artist

Leesas career started like many others. She attended art school where she specialised in design, photography and fine art, and her love for everything creative is obvious to anyone that meets her. As Leesas skills as an artist grew, as did the demand for her work, and these days Leesas repetoire includes everything from interior design to Jewellery design and personalised vehicle customisation. It was often joked by her friends that if it stayed still long enough she would find a way to decorate it somehow, a trait which affectionately earned her the nickname of ”Arti”, a name which would later become her signature trademark.



Infamous for destroying her works as soon as they’re finished, Leesas earlier artworks were only ever seen by an exclusive list of individuals who were lucky enough to own one. The young artist spent her time working primarily for private clientele and for small private galleries, and it wasn’t until an accident threatened to end her career completely, that fate would inspire her to open her own gallery, and go on to create what we now know as her iconic works.

The passion

In 2003 after a broken piece of glass left the artist unable to use her hand, she couldn’t even hold a pencil. Determied that nothing would prevent her from her passion, she persevered with years of painful rehabilitation, and defying all medical expectations, the artist not only regained the use of her hand, but returned to the artworld revealing a refined selection of artworks that were more detailed, more inspired, and more luxurious than ever before.


” God makes a songbird so they can sing,

but God made me an artist.

Art is my raison d’etre…

my reason for being.

It speaks a language beyond words,

and it’s melody is one which transcends all boundaries.

I was a songbird that could not sing,

and I feel blessed,

so now I paint you a symphony. “

                                                                 ~ Leesa Kensington (Arti)




Leesa is the the mind behind Kensington Art, a transfixing collection of unique luxury artworks , which features various themed sub collections, and includes one of a kind 24k Gold and even diamond adorned Masterpieces. These beautifully captivating artworks are the foundation of the Kensington Art Gallery showcase collection, and each work is a Masterpiece.

The Crème de la Crème of Kensington Art.


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Glimpsing this infamously shy artist in public, is almost as rare as owning one of her artworks, and art lovers couldn’t get enough when she stepped into the public eye earlier this year.

With a rapidly growing following of  over 40,000 fans, and was recently named by Art World Expo as this years hot artist to watch.